Medline Wheelchair Parts
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Owner Manual
Excel 2000 WheelchairsExcel 2000 Wheelchairs
K4 Lightweight WheelchairsK4 Lightweight Wheelchairs
Excel Extra-Wide WheelchairsExcel Extra-Wide Wheelchairs

Kidz Pediatric

  • MDS806120PED, MDS806120PEDE
  • MDS806140PED, MDS806140PEDE

Excel 1000

  • MDS806100NE, MDS806100E
  • MDS806150NE, MDS806150E, MDS806200NE, MDS806200E
  • MDS806250NE, MDS806250E
  • MDS806300NE, MDS806300E

Excel K1 Basic

  • MDS806250NEE, MDS806300NEE, MDS806150EE,
  • MDS806200EE, MDS806250EE, MDS806300EE,

Excel 2000

  • MDS806100*
  • MDS806150*, MDS806150N
  • MDS806200*, MDS806200N
  • MDS806250*, MDS806250N, MDS806250DFLA
  • MDS806300*, MDS806300N, MDS806300DFLA
  • MDS806400, MDS806450

Excel 3000

  • MDS806250NDLX, MDS806250DLX
  • MDS806300NDLX, MDS806300DLX, MDS806200DLX

Excel K3

  • MDS806600N, MDS806600, MDS806600FLA
  • MDS806650N, MDS806650, MDS806650FLA

Excel K4

  • MDS806500N, MDS806500, MDS806560, MDS806570
  • MDS806550N, MDS806550, MDS806565, MDS806575

Excel K4 Basic

  • MDS806500NE, MDS806550NE, MDS806500E,
  • MDS806550E, MDS806560E, MDS806565E

Excel Hybrid

  • MDS806150HBD, MDS806200HBD
  • MDS806250HBD, MDS806250NHBD, MDS806300HBD

Excel Recliner

  • MDS808350, MDS808450, MDS808550, MDS808650

Excel Extra-Wide

  • MDS806700, MDS806700FLA, MDS806800,
  • MDS806800FLA, MDS806900, MDS806900FLA
  • MDS806750, MDS806750FLA, MDS806850,
  • MDS806850FLA, MDS806950

Excel Shuttle

  • MDS809650, MDS809750, MDS809850
*D-Blk, RBY=Ruby, NVY=Navy

The Medline Difference

Non-Medline Chairs - Problems

  • Welds do not hold up well over time and under heavy loads.
  • Thin Coationgs of chrome plating results in greater rusting of frame and components over time.
  • Upholstery screws strip out over time since the screws are insered into hollow frame tubes.
  • Plastic seat cradles and armlocks break easily
  • Elevated leg rest supports wear and rust, resulting in leg res slipping out of position over time.

Medline Chairs - Solutions

  • Tig welding throughout the frame means our frames are stronger and will last longer/ 300 lb (136 kg) capacity on most Mediline chairs vs. 250 lb (133kg) competitors.
  • Double coating of chrome plating and powder coating on frame and compnents gives maximum protection against rusting.
  • Brass-threaded inserts used to fasten down upholstery ensure that no stripping occurs over time.
  • Aluminum seat cradles and armlocks stay strong and sturdt, resisting any breakage
  • Notched, Stainless steel ratchet bars on elecated leg rest will not fall down and are resistant to rust
  • Steel Transport

  • MDS808150, MDS808200
  • Superlight Freedom Transport

  • MDS808200SLRR, MDS808200SLBR,
  • MDS808200SLSR, MDS808200SLPR
  • Bariatric Aluminum Transport

  • MDS808200BAR
  • Standard Aluminum Transport

  • MDS808200AB, MDS808200AR
  • Deluxe Aluminum Transport

  • MDS808210AB, MDS808210AR
  • Ultralight Steel Transport

  • MDS808200W
  • Excel Translator

  • MDS808200TR, MDS808200TRR